• Developer: SenLab
  • Price: Free
  • Release status: Production
  • Licence: Free

LIFX is a smart light bulb that uses Wi-Fi to create the perfect light for you at any moment. A simple-to-use app allows you to fine tune your lighting experience; control a single light or your entire home and enjoy warm and cool sunlight shades.

LIFX lights are engineered to provide a simple way to start designing your connected home. A single bulb contains all the technology and hardware needed to use your lights. LIFX is ready to seamlessly integrate with some of your favorite smart home products, including IoTool.

Supported action functions:

  • Toggle lights via cloud
  • Turn lights on/off via cloud
  • Change white color via cloud
  • Change RGB via cloud
  • Change HSB via cloud
  • Activate scene via cloud
  • Toggle lights via LAN
  • Turn lights on/off via LAN
  • Change white color via LAN
  • Change RGB via LAN
  • Change HSB via LAN