Collect IoT data with a smartphone and discover it with IBM Watson Analytics

Collect IoT data with a smartphone and discover it with IBM Watson Analytics


Skill Level: Any Skill Level

Use only a smartphone and few sensors and uncover new insights quickly and easily with automated data analysis, automatic visualization and predictive analytics. • Natural language dialogue • Automated predictive analytics • One-click analysis


  • IBM Watson Analytics
  • IoTool Personal
  • Android device with the latest IoTool application



  1. About IoTool

    IoTool, a multi-awards winning smartphone gateway and API allows IoT researching and fast prototyping with minimal costs in domains: IoT, eHealth, sport&wellnessI4.0, HomeAutomation and Logistics.

    Currently IoTool supports more than 100 different sensors with more than 250 sensor readings, 50 actuators (like Arduino, Lifx and similar) and different types of triggers connected to ordinary smartphone through a very flexible extensions system. Any new sensor, action, actuator, algorithm, trigger or cloud sync uses its own extension (similar like printer drivers). External developers can develop their own extension (usually extension can be made in hours) and their own UI for any type of IoT solutions.

    IoTool works on Android devices (phone, tablet, Android TV, Raspberry PI with Android OS installed). IoTool on smartphone can process (collect, encrypt, store, show values and diagrams, sync to Cloud) up to 24.000 records per second, for example 12 lead ECG with 2000Hz.

    IoTool modules:

    dashboard nav dark Dashboard

    IoTool Dashboard 1

    sensors nav dark Sensors and virtual sensors nav dark Virtual sensors (algorithms)

    IoTool Sensors 1

    messages nav dark Messages

    IoTool Messages 1

    triggers nav dark Triggers, actions nav dark Actions and recipes nav dark Recipes

    IoTool Triggers 1
    IoTool Actions 1
    IoTool Recipes 1

    cloud nav dark Cloud

    IoTool Sync 1
  2. IoTool installation

    Install IoTool on your Android smartphone as described in our IBM developerWorks recipe: Use a Smartphone as an IoT gateway to IBM Watson IoT

    IoTool settings 1
  3. Registering to IoTool Personal

    IoTool can store and export data locally (on your smartphone), but it can additionally store and access your data in the IoTool cloud. For that you need an IoTool cloud subscription. IoTool Personal is available for free for the first 30 days. 

    IoTool Personal is available at You may also proceed directly to subscription plans and order IoTool Personal.

    You should enter promo code “freetrial” to get free access for the first 30 days.

    After getting user name / password for IoTool Personal you need to:

    Install IoTool Cloud extension on your smartphone (link works only for already registered users)

    On your smartphone:

    • Start IoTool
    • Open an IoTool Drawer
    • Select Settings / Syncronization
    • Set Use synchronization
    • Select Synchronization service
    • Select IoTool Cloud
    • Select IoTool Cloud Settings
    • Entry data for Server URL, Database username, Database password you got during registration on IoTool Personal
    cloud services
    • Select Send file

    Now you can collect data with your IoTool. Sensors readings will be synched in real-time to your IoTool Personal account.

  4. Installing IBM Watson Analytics

    *only if you have not installed it yet

    IBM Watson Analytics is available for free for first 30 days.

    IBM Watson Analytics is available at the IBM marketplace. You can find it by searching for “IBM Watson Analytics”:

    Then you can click on “Sign up for free”, where you can get access to it the most quickly by already having an IBMid.

    marketplace search
  5. Connecting IBM Watson Analytics to IoT data source of IoTool Personal / 1

    watson at myibm
    • Click the user icon in the upper right corner and select “Account settings”
    watson account settings
    • Select “Secure gateways” in the left sidebar
    • Click the “Add Gateway” icon
    watson add gateway
    • Name your gateway, you may unselect both settings, click to AddGateway
    • Click the gear icon of previously added Gateway
    watson added gateway
    • Copy gateway key by clicking at the copy icon (e.g. eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJjb25maWd1cmF0aW9uX2lkIjoiV2Fmd2w5MUVzWVZfcHJvZF9uZyIsInJlZ2lvbiI6InVzLXNvdXRoIiwiaWF0IjoxNDgzNTI2NAI0fQ.SvcNkbxM-x-E0NmpMUuSiWiLLRaEduaLbSDrGghFzpY), Gateway ID (e.g. Wafwl91EsAV_prod_ng) and Node (e.g.
    watson added gateway settings
    • Send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    We will enable your Gateway for you at IoTool Personal server. You should wait for our confirmation that we’ve done it. After that two red rings representing the gateway availability become green. Then you may proceed.

  6. Connecting IBM Watson Analytics to IoT data source of IoTool Personal / 2

    • Click “Data connections” in the left sidebar
    watson account settings
    • Click the plus icon in the upper right corner
    watson data connections
    • Select a connector type PostgreSQL
    • Enter data connection properties: name it, select previously added Secure Gateway, enter “localhost”, enter “5000”, enter “iotool”, enter your IoTool Personal username, enter your IoTool Personal password
    watson data conn enter properties
    • Click the Create button

    Now you have full access to all your data collected at IoTool Personal to be analysed with IBM Watson Analytics.

  7. Add data from IoTool Personal to IBM Watson Analytics and tune it

    • Select Data upper toolbar
    watson data
    • Click “+ New Data” button
    • Click “Connection” button
    • Click the connection that you’ve set up before
    • Enter or update your IoTool Personal credentials and click “Continue” button

    Now you can see the only public db schema and by clicking it also its tables and views. At this stage you should select the data you would like to analyse with IBM Watson Analytics. There are two tables which name ends with “_hrf”. These are humane readable views which are made from other listed tables. Analysing these two views only is the most common among all our IoTool users.

    • Select tables and views you wish analyse
    watson data public
    • You may shape the data before when needed (filter, combine, convert and many other data operations)
    watson data shape
    • Click “Upload” icon, name your data set and press OK to finally upload your data to IBM Watson Analytics

    You data will be automatically analysed, processed and uploaded by IBM Watson Analytics. There is an icon representing your data just uploaded to IBM Watson Analytics.

    watson data uploaded
  8. Discover data from IoTool Personal with IBM Watson Analytics

    Press the icon representing your data and discover your data with IBM Watson Analytics.

    watson data discover 1