Extract every bit of value from your physical assets with maintenance delivered by the Technician of the Future

Extract every bit of value from your physical assets with maintenance delivered by the Technician of the Future

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In the 20th century, technicians were equipped with an assortment of big, heavy tools and good old-fashioned know how.

They could fix just about anything. But anything isn’t what it used to be. Today, televisions are high-definition, computerized flat screens. Automobiles are self-driving transportation pods. Factory assembly lines have become fully automated robotic facilities.

The advent of IoT and AI has introduced the Technician of the Future. Augmented with detailed knowledge from computer systems, these new professionals can quickly and accurately resolve complicated issues. What’s more, the application of remote monitoring and real-time analytics allows them to intervene before small problems become unproductive, unplanned downtime.

The great shift change and Industry 4.0 are occurring simultaneously

In a previous blog, you learned about the great shift change. Some estimates indicate that attrition created by the retirement of the baby boom generation may be as high as 25% per year. Remarkably, their timing couldn’t be better.

When you attend the Maximo Academy at IoT Exchange, you’ll experience firsthand how IBM Maximo® — the global leader in enterprise asset management — is tackling these monumental changes for employees and their organizations. See how artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics  allow technicians to perform maintenance only when and where it’s needed. Learn how augmented reality can perform diagnostics remotely even before the service call is scheduled. So, when the technician arrives at the site, they have the tools and parts they require.

With the advantage of mobile units that connect to deep AI-powered knowledge bases, the technician can log on for instructions to perform the necessary repairs. If they encounter a  particularly complicated procedure, peers or retiring workers with experience can remotely guide them step-by-step. This enables technicians to implement the right solution the first time they visit a location.

To protect field workers, sensors on clothing, in mechanical units and throughout facilities stream data to help ensure safety, security and compliance. You’ll see some great demonstrations of these and other safety features at the Maximo Academy at IoT Exchange.

Get to know the Technician of the Future at IBM IoT Exchange

IoT Exchange offers two days of intensive learning from industry luminaries, product experts and innovative thinkers. The following sessions will acquaint you with the Technician of the Future:

  • Protecting the technician leveraging wearable sensors and cognitive analytics – Smartcone
  • Tracking worker’s vitals solutions from ATT, Samsung and IBM – Samsung
  • Digitalization of asset management via IoT industrial solution – Sund & Baelt
  • Reimagining the way maintenance technicians work – IBM
  • Maximo Anywhere mobility journey – Evergy, Inc.
  • Bringing Maximo augmented reality with AI Assistance – IBM workshop

Become a groundbreaker. Make an impact in your organization.

When you work in an asset-intensive industry, you need to ensure better maintained assets with greater longevity and less risk of encountering unplanned downtime. That way you can dramatically reduce maintenance costs and increase ROI on assets.

Join me in Orlando, March 17-18 at IoT Exchange and gain new intelligence about Maximo — and how to leverage it for your organization — that you won’t find anywhere else.

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