Log in


Open the Adminer webpage. Type in your username and password you got on the mail.

Figure 1 Login page

You will be taken to the main menu page.

Figure 2 Main menu

SQL command


To write SQL command, click on “SQL command” button in the top left menu. An empty window will open, where you can write the command.

Figure 3 SQL command window

Write the desired command and select “Execute”. The results of your command will appear if the command was correct, otherwise you’ll get an error.

Figure 4 Writing SQL command

Figure 5 Results of SQL command

After executing first command, new button “History” will appear under the window.

Figure 6 SQL command history button

History of all executed SQL command will appear after clicking on it.

Figure 7 SQL command history

Any executed command can be selected by clicking “Edit” button above it. The command will appear in the window and you can edit it before executing it again. All executed command can be added to the window by clicking on “Edit all”. The number of displayed results can be limited with number inputted in the “Limit rows” window.



To import new SQL table, click on “Import” button in the top left menu. Menu for uploading files will open.

Figure 8 Import menu

Click on “Izberite datoteko” button and system file chooser dialog should appear. Select the file you wish to upload. The file should be .sql or .gz type and it’s size should be less than 2 MB.

Figure 9 Import selected files

Change password


To change password, select “Change password” button in the top left menu. New menu will open where you can change password. Write the new password in the first window and then write it again in the second window to confirm it. Click on “Change password” button to change it. If the password was changed a message saying “Password changed successfully” will appear, otherwise an error message will appear stating what you did wrong.

Figure 10 Change password menu

Data visualization


To see data from tables visualized, click on “Data visualization” button in the top left menu. New menu with a link to Grafana will open. Click on the link.

Figure 11 Data visualization menu

You will be redirected to Grafana log in page. Enter the same credentials you used to access Adminer.

Figure 12 Grafana login

If was log in was successful, Grafana dashboard will open which will show your IoTool data in a graph.

Figure 13 Grafana dashboard

Adminer tables


There are three important tables in adminer, that can be accessed from menu on the left. First one is readings (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it._readings), which contains data collected from IoTool in a format readable by computer (time is in UNIX time format, sensors are labeled with numbers). Grafana gets data from this table.

Figure 14 Readings table

Figure 15 Readings table data

Second one is readings_hrf (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it._readings_hrf), which is basically the same table, but in format more suitable for people to read (time is in year-month-day-hour format and sensors are labeled with their actual names).

Figure 16 Readings_hrf table

Figure 17 Readings_hrf table data

The third table is sensors (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it._sensors), which contains the names of all the sensors we’ve used and their ids.

Figure 18 Sensors table

Figure 19 Sensors table data

Select data


After opening the table in the left menu, firstly table structure is shown. To see table’s data, click on “Select data” under the table’s name. There you can choose/limit which data you will be shown (basically you construct SQL query). First such option is “Select”, which lets you perform a function or aggregation on selected table’s column. Firstly select which operation(???) you want to make and then select the column on which you want to make the operation. Then click “Select” button and your results will be shown.